60 Hour Candle is a 100 percent pure beeswax candle that burns for 60 hours. The candle could be an amazing addition to homes and restaurants to create a serene and romantic ambiance. This candle offers great functionality besides adding an appealing look to any setting. It is handy, convenient to use, and is extremely safe. With the same size refills, you can use the wax light for years. Here are some amazing features of the beeswax 60 Hour Candle.

Appealing Design

Creative design is the most prominent feature that distinguishes this wax light from other candles. The 100 percent beeswax is coiled through the candle clip. The smart design of the candle allows a more efficient use of wax in comparison to traditional candles. The copper finish plate adds grace to the overall design of the warm and welcoming wax light.

Create the Perfect Ambiance

The 60 Hour Candle creates a feeling of warmth, coziness, relaxation as well as romance. It creates the perfect ambiance for just any occasion with its light and pleasant scent.

Lower Toxicity

The minute traces of the chemical carcinogenic in other candles make the environment unhealthy, especially for young kids.

60 Hour Candle is made of 100 percent natural wax hence it does not produce toxic residue and heavy soot. For this reason, the pure beeswax 60 Hour Candle eliminates the risk of various health problems. It keeps the air safe and hygienic wherever you place them.

Environment Friendly

The 100 percent beeswax, 60 Hour Candle helps to neutralize the pollutants in the air. The negative ions producing from the burning candle reduce dust, odors, and symptoms of allergies and asthma. You can use the candle in home or office where there is large concentration of people and lingering odor.

Better Sleep

60 Hour Beeswax Candle has great relaxing properties. It is helpful in reducing stress and getting a comfortable sleep. The natural honey scent and mild sweetness in the candle have the power to give a soothing and pleasant experience. Placing the candle in the room before sleeping can also clear the air which further encourages a more peaceful sleep.

Better Illumination

The 60 Hour Candle has the brightest and purest light. The light can illuminate the room well enough which can reduce eye strain and resulting headaches.

The 60 Hour Candle offers great value by delivering unmatchable functionality at reasonable price. The size, purity, unique design and reasonable price make it a great investment for your lighting needs especially in comparison to other more expensive and unhealthy candles.

Buying in bulk may give an added advantage in terms of cost and can help you save substantial amount of money. Also, it is important to get the real 60 Hour Candle from the best retailer to get the many benefits of 100 percent beeswax candle.