The Frye Melissa Boots offer a great combination of style and comfort. The high quality material, fine finish, and superior comfort make them equivalent to any top notch brand. Wearing these boots, you  can shine through with confidence no matter wherever you go or whoever you meet.

Appealing Design

The Frye Melissa Boots feature 1” heel, 15” boot shaft, and 15” calf circumference. The boots are designed to give aesthetic appeal as well as walking comfort.

The sleek design and elegant look add to the high quality of the premium boots. In addition to the appealing impression, the sturdy looking boots have smooth leather lining and cushioned leather insole for durability and lasting comfort.

Besides this, the buttery soft vintage leather places these high end boots in the premium brand category which gives luxurious comfort every time you wear them.

Perfect Style Statement

From high quality to great comfort, Frye Melissa boots have all the reasons to become your personal style statement. The boots add stylish, elegant, and sophisticated appeal to your personality. Plus, the refined design and classy look can create the most flattering effect when paired with your favorite outfit and glittering accessories.

Since high quality leather shoes are considered a symbol of fine taste and superior lifestyle, the topnotch Frye Melissa boots contribute to creating a refined image of you in your social circle.

Health Benefits

Leather is a healthy and more comfortable alternative in comparison to rubber, plastic, and synthetic materials. The finest quality of leather used in Frye Melissa boots let the shoes breathe and keep your feet healthy. The breathability lowers sweating which reduces the chances of developing foot problems and diseases.


Genuine leather material offers unmatchable durability and high resistance to wear and tear. Besides material, the stitching and sewing of the boots contribute to the long life of your pair of boots.

With proper care and maintenance, you can make these shoes last for years. This way, Frye Melissa boots are a long term investment that prevents the costs of buying a new pair of boots every year.

Easy Maintenance

Timely maintenance is crucial to keep the leather boots in proper shape and health. The Frye Melissa boots are quite easy to maintain. If they get dirty, you can clean them up using a damp cloth. Moreover, you can use a mild soap or detergent to clean stains, or alternatively use good leather cleaner to get a shinier and smoother look.

Greater Value

Cheap synthetic boots prove to be a false bargain. The low grade material with poor craftsmanship cost you money as well as reputation. Frye Melissa boots assures to give you the best quality pair of boots against your hard earned money. They not only guarantee to be a good long term investment, but also contribute to creating a lasting impression on whoever you meet. Spend a little time and money to get the top quality pair of boots in town, and get the best bargain!