Nerf N-Strike Elite Demolisher 2-in-1 blaster is an exciting addition to the Nerf’s blaster collection that promises to deliver the most epic blaster performance, enabling you to perform like never before in your fun-filled battles. With the ability to cover greater range and the latest Elite dart in the 2-in-1 Demolisher, you can now redefine mechanized dart blasting and fire missiles for a greater impact and more fun.

What’s In the Box?

The blaster comes in a fully enclosed box with a high-quality bright and fun packaging. Its high quality graphics on the packaging give a premium feel to the product.

Inside the box, you will find a set of instructions, 10 Elite Darts, 2 Elite Missiles, and a removable stock. You will need 4 AA batteries as well that are not included in the pack.


The Demolisher has a fairly large structure with most of the weight concentrated in the front part of the blaster which necessitates support in the front. The main handle and the low-mounted missile pumping handle are well designed that make them comfortable to use.

The vivid orange color of the Demolisher never fails to grab your attention at the store. It clearly signifies the electrifying character of the product and the excitement that it offers.

How it Works?

The toy fires Nerf missiles and Elite darts. With the dual firepower, the blaster improves your warzone strategy for a better and more strengthened attack and defense plan.

For a quicker action in the battlefield, the blaster offers you to stack 10 Elite darts and load 1 Nerf missile. The dart can be fired using the acceleration trigger while for missile, you need to slide the pump handle to send the missile and demolish your competitor’s battlefield.


In terms of performance, the blaster is truly the best product introduced as having extra-Elite range. In contrast to previous Nerf Elite products, the Demolisher can fire up to the average range of 70 feet. Although it is good enough, the product capacity signals that a range of somewhat 90 feet is nearly achievable if you take the aim with the right arc.

Moreover, the standard rate of fire is another surprising feature of the N-Strike Elite Demolisher. The blaster can belt out an impressive 4 darts per second. However, this speed appears to come with an expense of dart damage. Considering this factor, it can be said that the consistent blasting with this speed could affect the overall performance of the blaster in the long term.

Additionally, the accuracy of the Demolisher is far better than the most Nerf products. Although missile shots are not perfectly accurate, they are entertaining and fun to use.

Summing up the performance of the Demolisher, we can say that N-Strike Elite Demolisher is a more accurate and high performing blaster in comparison to other Elite products. Plus, it has great speed and impact in addition to high quality and value.