With Philips’ Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock, waking up is far less painful than ever before. The alarm clock with wake up light is designed to wake you up naturally through gradual increase in simulated sunlight.

How It Works

Philips’ Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock wakes you up through gradual increase in the simulated sunlight within 30 minutes. The light starts from soft morning red to bright yellow filling your room with the sunlight to give a natural start to your day.


Philips is known to create innovative and eccentric designs. This notion holds true for this amazing product as well. This clock is a small, handy light with a sturdy yet stylish look. It has a round face with sleek and smooth edges. The easy to use buttons on the face are sensitive to the touch allowing a convenient and pleasurable use.

In addition to the unique design, the alarm clock is equipped with amazing features that allow you to start your day pleasantly.

Sunset Simulation

The most prominent feature of this clock is sunset simulation. With this option, you can set the clock before going to sleep to prepare your body for the bedtime by decreasing the light gradually. The light dimming feature allows a more natural and restful sleep which has great positive impact on your mental and physical wellbeing.

Similarly, the clock starts illuminating 30 minutes before the set time to regulate your mind and body for a natural start to a productive day.

Custom Light Setting

The sensitivity to light differs from person to person. Therefore, the clock features 20 different light intensities to let you personalize the wake up light suiting your need and personal choice. With this option, you can set the wake up light up to 250 lux.

Three Natural Sounds

The clock offers three different natural sounds to make your wake up experience even more pleasant. Using this option, you can choose bird song, bird in the forest, or Zen Garden sound. All three natural sounds accompany the wake up light up to the level set by you. Besides these sounds, you can choose to wake up to the music of your favorite FM radio station.

Ease of Use

With touch sensitive buttons, you can simply activate the snooze option with a single touch anywhere on the light which can allow you an extra 9 minutes of sound sleep.

Health Benefits

The Philips Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock is scientifically proven to have positive impact on your physical and cognitive health. With its sunrise simulation feature, it allows you to wake up energized and fresh. The research studies prove that waking up naturally uplifts your mood and helps you maintain a happier and more positive lifestyle.

With this alarm clock, Philips has managed to deliver the best alarm system available in the market so far. This product truly speaks of the creativity and novelty of the company’s range of products.