The August Smart Lock is an automated door lock control that combines convenience with efficiency. It pairs with your Android device or iPhone over Bluetooth and lets you unlock the door by a simple tap on the screen. You can also give access to your guests on recurring basis and they can easily unlock the door behind you.


The tag price of $250 makes it the most expensive lock in the smart lock spectrum. Though the August delivers unmatchable performance, its Bluetooth-only feature puts limitation on the functionality of the device. Controlling the lock from a distant location might require a compatible third party hub that you need to buy separately which may increase the cost of your security system a little bit.


The August Lock has a robust, over sized appearance. The silver case has a glossy finish to maintain the aesthetic of the door.


The device functions with AA batteries. Once the lock is installed on the door, you can download the August app, turn on the Bluetooth, and follow through the instructions to complete the installation process.

The lock is compatible with iOS 7 or greater devices and with any Android 4.4 plus handsets with low power Bluetooth. The only difference between the two operating systems is that Android lacks the auto-unlock feature which is expected to be added in the future update.

Easy Installation

The August Lock is quite easy to install. The instruction book can help you match up the various pieces of hardware of your existing deadbolt. Upon following the proper instruction, you can install the automated security device in just 15 minutes.

Key Management

You can create an account and manage a “Keychain” to manage multiple locks. You can name each of your key to differentiate between the locks.

If you are the owner of the lock system, you can distribute e-keys to a number of users having a compatible smartphone or tablet device. The best thing about key distribution is that it does not cost you extra money unlike Kwikset and other smart lock makers that charge per key once you exceed the determined number of allotment.

Another great feature of the e-key allotment is that you can customize the parameters for each key. The keys can be set to be used for permanent access or to work only during scheduled hours. You can also set them to expire after a certain period or you can revoke the keys anytime.

Usage History

The August lets the owner see the record of the lock/unlock for each lock. The app tells you the time of the activity as well as the user. The logging feature has a guestbook feature as well which could help a user leave you a note.


The August features high-level of digital security which includes a two factor authentication of your account in addition to 128 bit AES software encryption. If you have missed your phone, you can log-in at your account using a different device and cease access from the missed device.

August Smart Lock is a reliable and safe alternative to traditional locking system. From easy installation to reliable user management, it offers everything you need for a reliable security system.