With the first ever curved LED HDTV, Sony took a leap in the high-tech market last year. The Sony S990 Curved LED HDTV is designed to add to the cinematic experience of the home theater. With the S990, you can experience different dimensions of entertainment and fun.

Appearance and Design

Like all other offerings from Sony, the S990 Curved HDTV is a sleek product which speaks of the finesses and elegance the brand is known for. Besides its glossy look, Sony has used smart designing model to make this high quality TV an impressive addition to the company’s portfolio.

The structure of the curved HDTV features a distinctive approach to give wall mountable capability. The curve of the front is clearly distinguishable from the back of the TV. The body is considerably thinner in the center to keep it flat for easy wall-mounting.

The built in multi angle speakers on the right and left sides of the TV are designed to deliver high quality surround sound to enhance your viewing experience.

Due to its well planned design and structure, the TV offers more immersion and enhanced indulgence to the entertainment experience.


The Sony S990 Curved LED HDTV offers exceptional features that are far more superior to conventional flat panel TVs.

Cinematic Experience

The S990 gives a more captivating entertainment experience that you cannot find in other brands. The curved screen adds depth and clarity to every scene. Plus, you get a more natural viewing experience with the highly cinematic front face.

Incredible Display

With Sony’s exclusive TRILUMIONOUS Display technology, the vivid shades look crispier and more natural on this curved screen. The high definition display presents astonishing detail and liveliness in movies and pictures. The new generation of TV technology heightens the pleasure of watching beautiful emerald landscapes and breathtaking seascapes.

Besides, the new X-Reality Pro chip improves picture quality by enhancing details and reducing video noise resulting in impressive natural, lifelike images.

Surround Sound System

The Sony S990 features multi-angle built in speakers. The six front and two surround speakers are installed in multiple directions to spread the sound in all directions in order to create a more dramatic entertainment experience.

Built in Wi-Fi

You can stream the HD entertainment directly from your TV using the S990’s built in Wi-Fi. Browsing through the Sony Entertainment Network, you can get thousands of movies, shows, games, online videos, and music. The built in Wi-Fi allows you to stream movies through made-for-TV apps by Netflix, YouTube, and more. The feature lets you watch videos and movies from the internet or from your PC without connecting the cable.

To add to this, the Sony’s Wi-FI Direct Mode lets you share videos and images directly from your smartphone.

Price and Value

The Sony S990 is available with a price tag of $4,000. The hefty price seems justified considering the unmatchable features this product offers including the top-notch quality, exceptional sound system, as well as the internet connectivity.