Every drop of material is precious especially when you are paying for it. It is sad to see the amount of a substance that stays in the tube and you might not get it even after exerting much effort and time. In order to save your precious time and money, Tube Wringer is an efficient device to serve for your greatest need of the smallest last drop of substance in the tubes.

The Tube Wringer can ease the use of any product packaged in tube containers. With the device, you can now squeeze the last drop of your expensive oil paint, caulk, glue, anchovy paste, and toothpaste from the tubes. For being available in various sizes and purposes, they are perfect for both personal and commercial uses.

Features Great Design

The metal tube wringer with aluminum rollers protects the structure from corrosion and early damage. The sturdy and durable material makes it a valuable investment that can last for years.

The robust design of the device is intended to handle the stiffest of the materials and the largest size of the tubes. This handy squeezer can be placed anywhere or affixed on the wall. It is so compact that you can easily pack it with your stuff when traveling.

Delivers High Performance

The Tube Wringer can squeeze up to 35 percent more out of the tubes you use at home or in professional settings. Since squeezing out the last bit of toothpaste or your expensive paint or adhesive seems quite time consuming and unwelcoming, the device is designed to save time as well as grave strain to your forearms.

Using the device is so simple and convenient. Just place the tube between the aluminum rollers and twist the steel handle to compress. The sturdy, simple, and effective device can squeeze the last bit of material you paid for.

In addition to this, the device can be a great help for the gentle hands of your young children. They can pleasantly squeeze the toothpaste in the morning without calling you out for the help.

The device is capable of squeezing the material from various shapes of tubes including all types of viscous and non-viscous material like plumbing material, wood filler, silicones, grouting material, pharmaceuticals, paints, gels, toothpastes, cement fillers, grease, cream, cosmetics, hair tonics, decorating compositions, etc.

Offers Cost Efficiency

The Tube Winger is a simple device available at a negligible cost that can save your fair amount of wastage cost. It is ideal for those concerned about consuming the product fully without wasting even a bit of it. The tube winger can save up to $20 by allowing you to use the products efficiently.

Prevents Stress

The Tube Winger not only prevents your forearms from severe strain but also saves you from the frustration that you often encounter when squeezing the last drop of expensive material from the tube.